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  1. lucky luk says:

    Seems to be one thing after another with this guy for the last 6-8mths. If its not suppliers raided, its postal ceasures, or DDOS attacks.
    I’ve ordered from him for over 2yrs. Sometimes it took a couple of weeks to ship, but always arrived. Not any more.
    His site was down for a couple of weeks, now up again. I see his shops been extensively updated with new strains. But has no time to reply to support tickets from all his loyal and now very p-o customers?? A lot of whom only put in orders after he posted on his site saying ‘everything fine, issues sorted’ Really?? Not even a single post to say ‘Sorry guys, I F’d up there’?! C’mon!
    Its on you ElHerb, you sent up the all clear flair. You need to make good.
    To anyone thinking of ordering here. Don’t bother at least for now.
    Use DM, use the search filters to order locally if you can, use escrow. Theres better/cheaper/faster suppliers out there in the dozens on DM, WS, and others. Who value the business and don’t stiff their customers.
    No escrow means you trade on trust pal… and we don’t trust you anymore ElHerbolario.

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